3in1 Modern Acrylic



I can start with a particular vision and bang a slip or looking away can  create a new picture out of the blue. I have days when I  can punch out 4-7 paintings and also days when I walk into the studio and look around and ask myself what the…   am I doing here as I have a complete mental blackout. Size 35×28 cm, stretched canvas.

Modern Contemporary touch of todays art 0n a stretched canvas and wooden frame. Weight .6kg Certificate of Authenticity is also supplied and personally signed and dated by myself. (A personal note can be added on request.) It is also packed in bubble wrap and hard cardboard, it is posted as Standard or on request by Express or Courier, local purchases can be picked up upon request.

Sometimes just with a twist of your wrist you can create something completely different than you actually wanted… well that’s what’s painting is all about…use your artistic inkling.

Modern Acrylic Pouring. 36x28x1.5 cm.  This is a collection of 3 paintings that can hang individually or as a trio. It is a futuristic view from a water’s edge towards a cityscape with sun, clouds, and trees…

This painting comes painted on a double-coated stretched canvas on a wooden frame, ready to hang also includes a Certificate of Authenticity which is dated with the date of painting and also is signed by myself. This painting will add a nice talking point hanging on your wall with your friends holding a drink in their hands. It is very suitable for a modern domestic surrounding or an office.

I hope the proud owner will have as much joy from it as I had to make it.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 28 × 1.5 cm


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