As a child I was always fascinated by the glitter in the sky and what may lay behind and that is how I began painting Heavens, Galaxies, Nebulas….Acrylic or Abstract or Modern Art Paintings just by laying on my back and stare into the unknown. All paintings will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity by myself with a Name of the Painting, Year, Date and a Original Signature.  My works which are mostly Modern Art, Abstract and Contemporary in nature are currently sold at Markets, Restaurants and Coffee Shops throughout Adelaide in S.A.  My Artworks have also been showcased at local Councils  while some of my sold Artworks  of Acrylic, Modern and  Contemporary Art made it all the  way to new Zealand, Japan, Europe and USA. 

Studio 17 is a leading local art company run by one of the most experienced Australian contemporary Painters.
Owned and operated by John Palmer, his companysupplys Contemporary artwork  Australia and is based in Adelaide. Studio 17 has been helping homeowners with Abstract painting Australia for years.

As a child owner/Australian contemporary painter John was always fascinated by the sky and what may lay behind it so that is how he began painting Heavens, Galaxies, Nebulas. His Modern Australian artwork masterpieces were mostly created by laying on his back, staring up and imagining what lay beyond.

See the world from a new perspective with each individual piece of Johns artwork. Whatever your mood, whatever look you’re after there is always something at studio 17 to capture your interest. John aims to brighten the lives of anyone who likes abstract painting Australia or wanting to buy art online Australia. With affordable fascinating pieces for all price ranges buying from an Australian contemporary artist has never been easier.

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